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Life Wisdom for an Incredible Year (Part 2)

How will you make this year the best one yet? What life wisdom would you offer to others? I asked these questions to some of the smartest bloggers I know, joined in the conversation, add added in my own thoughts. Here are some practical tips (perfect for parents, leaders, and friends) for getting your year off to an incredible start!

Life Wisdom on Focus

Never lose sight of why you do what you do.

I’ve lost sight of my why before, and the results were awful. The terrible thing is that it happens to so many people. When you don’t know your why, your passion for life is lost, and a life without passion is a life with little hope. Your why wakes you up in the morning, your why increases your determination, and your why helps you find your way. Don’t let this year end without catching your why.

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Never lose sight of why you do what you do.

Adam Smith is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. He and his family reside in Colorado. Find out more about Adam at

Life Wisdom on Serving Others

Last year was a bad year for a lot of people.

My year wasn’t everything I hoped it could be, but I can’t complain. My troubles are small compared to those of people persecuted for their faith, people threatened by bombs every day, children and women enslaved by sex traffickers, and people who’ve lost loved ones in terrible tragedies. I have shelter and clothes. I have food in my pantry and an abundance of clean water to drink. At 50, I’m in pretty good health. When I count my blessings, I have an incredible year! 

For those that didn’t have such a great year last year, here are 7 things I want to do this year as often as I can. Perhaps I can make someone else’s year better–even if only for a day.

  • Pray with someone who’s struggling.
  • Give to someone who’s in need.
  • Hug someone who’s hurting.
  • Listen to someone who’s lonely.
  • Defend someone who’s defenseless.
  • Feed someone hungry.
  • Share the hope of Jesus with someone hopeless.

Too often, we measure thriving by how much we have. What if we measured our thriving by how much we were able to give away?

A thriving grapevine produces a lot of fruit. But it doesn’t keep its fruit to itself. It gives it away so it can bear more fruit in the next season. I want to be a thriving branch on the True Vine in 2016 (John 15).

I want to live to thrive. This is my plan for an incredible new year. Will you join me?
Jon Beaty is a life coach who wants to help you thrive in your faith, relationships, and work. He blogs weekly at

Life Wisdom on Friendship

Life is more fun when you take others on the journey with you. This is my goal for 2016. Teaming up with others is about finding balance. It involves:

  • Learning to share your story while also listening to the stories of others.
  • Giving, serving, and praying for those around you while simultaneously allowing others to build into your own life.

Most people I know are good at half of this equation. Those who enjoy giving often have difficulty receiving and people who love to serve may be uncomfortable when the tables are turned.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for keeping score, nor for trying to make sure things stay even–this wouldn’t be helpful at all. Everyone has strengths, and if God has gifted you in the area of giving, then, of course, you will out-give those around you. The key is to not rob others of the joy that comes from giving back to you.

With teamwork there are two important questions to ask:

  1. How am I going to build into the lives of others?
  2. How am I allowing others to build into my life?

Teflon pans are awesome cooking utensils because they are so easy to clean. Their magical, smooth coating, doesn’t allow burned food to stick. Some people have a Teflon exterior. They hide their rough edges and imperfections. The problem is that people connect best to others, imperfect human beings.  If we hide all of our hurts, needs, and flaws, then there is nothing for others to latch-on to. A Teflon exterior is great for pans, but a poor coating for people.

My best advice for this year is to team up with others by offering your support and by allowing others to build into your life too. Life is more fun when you take others on the journey with you.

What life wisdom would you add to this conversation? Which of these tools has worked well for you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!
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15 thoughts on “Life Wisdom for an Incredible Year (Part 2)”

  1. I think I can see a common theme in all this wisdom and it is reaching out to others. Yes, I need to look after myself and not lose my identity but there is a special blessing when I extend my hand to others. My troubles seem smaller, my blessings seem bigger. A great start to a new year. Thanks so much for sharing !!!

  2. Hey Jed, Thamks for this opportunity to team up with you and others. We gain a lot of traction in life when we know our “why.” Thanks to Adam for this great reminder. And teamwork gets us much father down the road than relying on our own strength and wisdom. Wise advice, Jed!

  3. I love the life wisdom about serving others! “What if we measured our worth by how much we gave away?” Um…wow! What a thought-provoking and convicting question!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at 100 Happy Days. We truly enjoy having you there each week. 🙂

  4. Happy to visit today from Grace & Truth! 🙂
    “Giving, serving, and praying for those around you, while simultaneously allowing others to build into your own life.”
    I think the harder part for me here is allowing others to build into my life. I don’t like asking for help very much, and I suspect that it has a lot to do with pride. Thanks for this convicting word!

  5. This is so so so GOOD!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am new to your blog (like, as of TONIGHT!) and I’m so glad I found it… I love your balance of truth and the practical ways/examples of how to live out the truth. Can’t wait to read more…I am encouraged and challenged all at once!

  6. Life can be very hard – love that you included giving a hug to someone when she is hurting – a small gesture like that can impact people in huge ways.

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