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3 Reasons to Host a Virtual Summit—Happy Friday Blog Share #3

Happy Friday!

This week I’m smiling because I got to be a part of my friend Ray Brehm’s virtual summit. Virtual Summit University is a week-long summit for writers, speakers, and world-changers interested in putting on a virtual summit of their own.

Earlier this year, Jenny and I had a blast hosting The Thriving at Home Virtual Summit. To be honest, we had no idea what we were doing. With live events out of the question, the two of us decided we might as well dive into the virtual summit world, and we’re glad we did. Here’s what we learned by taking a ready, fire, aim approach.

Reasons to Host a Virtual Summit

1. Virtual summits are a blast!

When I reflect on our Thriving at Home Summit, one of my firsts thoughts is, “Wow, that was fun!” Whether the summit is face-to-face, virtual and live, or pre-recorded and virtual, it doesn’t matter. Something is exciting about a group of people all coming together at once. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, said,

None of Us is as Good as All of Us.

Ray Kroc

Virtual summits bring great minds together and create a unique synergy. If you’re thinking about hosting a summit, my first reaction is, “You should!” Virtual summits are a blast to host.

2. Virtual Summits are an excellent way to expand your impact and influence.

Jenny and I had the unique experience of promoting a live event followed by a virtual summit. Now, to be honest, our live event didn’t happen. After hours of planning, we had to pull the plug, and it hurt. But with COVID on the rise, it was also the right thing to do. We learned that it’s actually easier to get people to commit to a virtual summit than attend a live event.

In short, hosting a virtual summit is an excellent way to expand your circle of influence and change lives!

3. Hosting a virtual summit is an excellent way to grow!

During our Thriving at Home Summit, over 20 amazing speakers dove into the topics of creating a thriving marriage, raising thriving kids, thriving during times of stress, and living a thriving faith. Jenny and I had the privilege of connecting with some of our favorite authors, coaches, and speakers. We made some incredible friends and grew ourselves.

According to The Learning Pyramid, doing and teaching are two of the best ways to grow. One of the best parts of hosting a virtual summit is you get to ask the questions. In The Thriving at Home Summit, Jenny and I chose not to pre-script the questions. As parents and foster parents doing our best to thrive in our post-COVID world, we simply dove into topics that resonated with us most. We didn’t have to guess what couples and parents needed. We asked sincere questions.

The two of us were impressed with how much value our amazing team of experts added. And, a few weeks later, when I re-listened to the interviews and added in my notes, I was once again blown away with just how much value each speaker added.

Have you ever thought about hosting a virtual summit?

So, have you ever thought about hosting a virtual summit? If so, I highly recommend it. Hosting a virtual summit is an excellent way to change lives, grow your tribe, deepen your own friendships, grow yourself, and have a blast! If you’re going to host your own summit, there are a couple of different ways to do this. First, you can do what Jenny and I did—simply dive in.

However, I think the better option is to start by picking up your FREE ticket to Virtual Summit University. The summit begins next week and is packed with the wisdom of people who have either:

  1. Run a virtual summit themselves.
  2. Been a guest on multiple summits.
  3. Or both.

Of course, like most summits, Virtual Summit University is free to attend, with an option to purchase lifetime access to the recordings and other great bonuses. I know several speakers on this summit and can attest that they pack in the value. Even if you only attend 1-2 sessions, it will be worth it. Oh, and you can catch my interview with Ray on Thursday, December 9th!

The Thriving at Home Virtual Summit

Finally, if you’d like to check out our Thriving at Home Virtual Summit, you can find it here. Here’s what one summit attendee had to say:

I highly recommend the “Thriving at Home Virtual Summit. I’m only about two-thirds of the way through all the teaching and I’m very impressed with the quality of information contained in it. I can’t believe I got this for only $47. I would expect to pay five or 10 times the price for a quality marriage conference or good marriage conference videos. The variety of teachers and the quality of teaching is very impressive. There are so many good resources and tips in the videos. It’s especially helpful in this time when families are closer together and stepping on each other’s toes. I would say run don’t walk, to get this high-quality program. It can change your life.”

~ Rob Cross
San Diego, CA

This week, use the code, “ITHRIVE” for an added discount to the Thriving at Home Virtual Summit all-access pass.

Thriving at Home Virtual Summit

Now it’s time for the Happy Friday Blog-Party! Being a virtual summit guest this week made me smile. How about you? What wins did you have? What brought a smile to your face? And what are you celebrating? Leave a comment and a favorite post or two below!

Happy Friday Blog-Party #3

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    1. To be honest I’ve never been to one. I’ve only recently got back into blogging after a break of 5 years and found your post in the inLinkz directory under pets.

      I used to do a lot of blog parties each week but just about everybody I used to follow has disappeared now or not posted in eons, so it makes me feel like a new blogger as I try to find my way around in the blogging word again again, hope you don’t mind me joining in x

      1. Hey Dawn, I’m so glad you joined our blog-hop, and welcome back! I can absolutely relate. Jenny and I put our blog on pause after moving to Minnesota four years ago. We only recently dove back in. We found a lot of our blogging friends had moved on as well. The great news is writers truly are amazing people, and we made some incredible new friends quickly. Please join in any time. You are always welcome to share and connect here!

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