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How Small Actions Impact Marriage in a Big Way–Link-up #26

I’m excited to share a post I published on my friend Jackie Bledsoe’s site earlier this year! It’s all about how small actions make or break our relationships. 

Small actions can make or break a marriage. Tiny acts of kindness are sometimes the ones that are remember most. Unfortunately, tiny acts of contempt are also long remembered, and can be powerful enough to turn a good relationship sour. The bottom line is that when it comes to marriage, little actions make a big difference. In fact, my marriage to Jenny started with a simple, but powerful, act of kindness.

Small Acts of Kindness

I knew I liked Jenny from the moment we met. Although she is absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly sweet, it was a simple gesture on her part that made the biggest impression. Jenny and I connected through an online dating site. The two of us had not spoken prior to our first date, which was at a pizza place on the bay.

I chose this restaurant because the San Diego Bay is one of my places in the world. I figured if the date went poorly at least I’d get to eat at spot I had been dying to try. Needless to say, the evening went far better than expected. Her gentle spirit, and warm smile won me over instantly. After dinner I asked Jenny if she was up for a walk. She said, “yes.”

Unfortunately, what I didn’t do was remind Jenny to bring a jacket. It was late March, and although the San Diego weather was warm, it cooled down quickly once the sun went down…

Read the full post on my friend Jackie Bledsoe’s siteHow Small Actions Impact Marriage in a Big Way.

P.S. While your there, be sure to download the first chapter of his book, The Seven Rings of Marriage. It’s what I am currently reading on Audibles, and a book that I highly recommend to all married couples!

Small actions really do make a big difference. What small acts of kindness have you done to keep your marriage strong this week? What small actions has your spouse done that has impacted your relationship in a positive way? I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “How Small Actions Impact Marriage in a Big Way–Link-up #26”

  1. Great article, left a comment on the post. Thanks for the linkup and I hope to return the favor by inviting you to link with me on Thurdays…miss seeing you.

  2. This is such a great reminder. Rev and I have felt the importance of showing love in small ways through everything from body language and tone of voice to bigger acts of service. We’re working on our 45th year and it just keeps getting better! Thanks for hosting and for faithfully encouraging families!

  3. As a newly married woman, i’m learning more about small ways that I can love my husband that I didn’t realize even when we were dating – like he really appreciates homemade cookies or pie!

  4. Small things are the biases of all relationships. The problem now is that everybody wants the big things. I am going through that now. I tend to the small things but that gets overlooked as others don’t not the small things but once in a while do the big things and my significant gets jealous over the big things.

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