Addison Goes to Butterfly School

Addison Goes to Butterfly School: A book on imagination and bravery

Addison Goes to Butterfly School is about a spunky four-year-old with a big imagination. When Summer ends, and it is time for Addison to begin preschool, she is nervous. Fortunately, Addison puts her imagination to work. She meets new friends, overcomes challenges, and learns that she is a brave butterfly!

Addison Goes to Butterfly School

A few months ago, I set out to write a children’s book about Addison. Addison Goes to Butterfly School, combines real-life experiences with imaginative adventure and practical skills that all children can use to overcome anxiety. Before writing the story, Addison and I took pictures to send to the illustrator. In the picture below, Addison models her infamous butterfly backpack, which is seen throughout the story.

Addison Goes to Butterfly School

Next, the illustrator took our ideas, added his creativity, and sent back some initial sketches.

Addison at the beach

After the sketches were approved, the illustrator worked his magic. He colored the drawings and sent back print-ready jpg.files. I added my text using Microsoft Publisher and uploaded the files into KDP. Then, we requested our proof copy. The picture below shows Addison, checking out her book for the first time!

Addison Goes to Butterfly School

Get Your FREE eBook

If you would like a copy of Addison’s book, it is free today 1/21/2019, on Amazon. You can download your eBook here: Addison Goes to Butterfly School. This excellent resource help children bust stress, boost their mood, and be brave butterflies!

How to Write a Children’s Book

Today, anyone can write a book. Gone are the days where the only way to get published is to write a book proposal, collect hundreds of rejection slips, and hope that a publishing company finally gives you their stamp of approval. Today, if you have a story to tell and the tenacity to write consistently, you can publish a book.

I’ll be honest, writing a children’s book is never easy, but it is a lot of fun! If the process still feels overwhelming, the good news is there are a ton of fantastic resources available. For example, my friend Eevi Jone’s wrote, How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book. This was my go-to resource when I put together my first children’s book.

Addison goes to butterfly school

Because Eevi is amazing, she didn’t stop there. She created an entire Children’s Book University. If you are serious about publishing but feel overwhelmed, then Children’s Book University is the place to start. Eevi will walk you through each step of the process. This includes writing, illustrating, formatting publishing, and marketing. You can check out Children’s Book University here, or drop me a message to get more details.

How to self-publish a children's book

So, have you ever thought about writing a children’s book? If so, what questions do you have? What will your book be about? I look forward to hearing from you and to continuing the conversation in the comments below! Finally, if you enjoyed Addison Goes to Butterfly School, then you’ll want to be sure to check out these other great children’s books that will help your little one grow:

Finally, you’ll want to check out this post on creating your writing plan for some amazing writing tips. Wishing you happy reading and happy writing!

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